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Lessons from Yoga

  June 19,2021

5 Investment Lessons from Yoga

Most of us are aware of yoga and its multiple benefits. Theseadvantages of yoga have made it popular among individuals in different stages of their life. Regular and correct yoga practice can boost physical and mental health, lead to decreased lifestyle-related issues, and increase emotional stability and attention span.

In addition, yoga teaches us several lessons on investment. On this International Yoga Day, we will go through a few investment lessons that we can learn from yoga.

Focus on your goals

There are different benefits of practising yoga. One of the major benefits that is especially helpful in the current scenario is focusing our mind and establishing a sense of calm.

In investing, focusing on your financial goals can help you ignore market noise. Paying attention to news and events can easily distract you and prompt you to make hasty decisions that can hurt your finances.

Handling money can be like an emotional roller coaster. Hence, it is crucial to focus on goals.

Practice regularly

We need to practise it regularly to get the maximum benefits from yoga, such as centring attention and mental clarity. Even a few minutes of daily practise of yoga asanas, and breathing exercises can do wonders in the long term.

If you stop doing yoga and plan on resuming it later, you will find that the benefits, such as flexibility that you have built over the weeks, is lost.You may have to start from ground zero.

Investing is no different. Just like regular yoga practice, you can benefit from regular and disciplined investment. Setting up a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is one of the easiest ways to build a disciplined investment approach. Investing consistently and staying invested can allow compounding to work its magic. Compounding builds wealth over the long term.

Build a strong foundation

Before exploring any field, it is good to have a firm grasp of the fundamentals. Instead of reinventing the wheel, learning from others can help you avoid mistakes and decrease your chances of failure.

Before doing yoga poses, it is essential to understand the risks associated with different postures. E.g., all poses are not suitable for everyone. Moreover, it is crucial to do yoga in the right way to avoid injuries.

Similarly, when investing in mutual funds, it is essential to research and understand the fundamentals of the risk and return potential of different mutual funds and their objectives.

Knowing when to invest and when to exit from mutual funds is like getting in and out of a yoga posture.

Importance of patience

Yoga teaches us patience. In different yoga postures, we need to hold yoga poses for several seconds and minutes. The holding power increases when we continue to practise yoga regularly. 

Similarly, we need to be patient with our investments. One way to do that is to link our mutual fund schemes with our short-term and long-term goals.  

Importance of an expert

Learning yoga online and practising it without expert consultation may lead to injuries. It is especially true for people who haven’t practised yoga earlier. A yoga instructor can show us and guide our yoga practices and help us get the maximum benefits from our practice. Having a yoga instructor may help us stay disciplined and continue with our yoga practice.

While investing, an expert can also help in our investment journey. An expert is also required to ensure that you don’t make any mistake which can negatively impact your portfolio in long run. You can seek our help to take the right decision which are suitable to your needs.

Mutual funds and yoga are two different aspects. But if we do them right, yoga and investment can be good for your physical and financial health.  

This blog is purely for educational purpose and not to be treated as an personal advice. Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, Read all scheme related documents carefully.